Since 2012, nearly all of my work is in civic technology. I take it as a personal mission to help public servants better meet their constituents’ needs, and I’ve pursued this at the state, federal, and municipal level through a number of different jobs and contracting methods. I’m on a long-term engagement with the California court system until spring 2021, but I have time for side projects, so please contact me for consultation.

Nearly everything I do is done as part of a team – sometimes as a leader, sometimes as a key contributor. If you read my project stories, you won’t find any solo ones. I love nothing better than amplifying the capacity of committed people by sharing my skills.

I don’t know if I believe that everyone is a designer, but I do believe that everyone who has to make design decisions should have access to design practice and design community. I strive to be transparent about what I do and how I do it, and I contribute back to the community by mentoring mid-to-senior practitioners who want to get over the hump to truly senior.

It’s important to me that both of the fields I care about, design and civic tech, become more inclusive and more representative of the community, especially at senior levels. I will nearly always be able to find time to help with this, or with civic emergencies.

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